Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe’s hidden agenda

Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe’s hidden agenda

What happened in Greece during the crisis? And what happens when you take on the establishment?

In this extensive interview, former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis, talks about his new book Adults In The Room – My battle with Europe's deep establishment.

Interview by Katrine Marçal

86 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe’s hidden agenda

    1. @Catherine Jarman Blaming the Jews is so pathetic and FALSE. People who have the world’s wealth are not, NOT nearly all Jews but come from every cultural background. They come from all backgrounds and have the POWER, Not the Jew.

  1. His command of English is incredible. I don’t mean just for a non-English native speaker, I mean for anyone. His ability with the language is far better than most well educated native English speakers.

    1. @victoria zabaras nope, it’s still a small percentage of the lexicon. Greek prefixes and suffixes are usually attached to Greek loan words. Greek has had a big influence on certain fields, and the more scientific and religious the topic gets, the more Greek you hear. But overall, Greek loanwords with all of their prefixes and suffixes make up only a small part of the English lexicon.

    2. @victoria zabaras
      There is no extreme or moderate version of islam. islam is by default extreme. Since you mentioned child abuse, you ought to take a look at who is guilty of these crimes in mahometan countries and communities, and compare them to the West. In mahometan countries, it is the average mahometan; it is the community itself. In the West it is by and large the elites. Read about the mahometan grooming gangs in the UK, and compare them to Epstein.

    3. Why is he a “tool”?

      Based on what the said and what you said, if I had to pick only one, it’s not him that comes off sounding like a “tool”…

  2. Varoufakis is a unique voice, exceptionally clear, brilliant and with what feels like a very kind , concerned heart. The interviewer here is also really good.

    1. GreekForTruth1 that’s what I used to think. But since he is supporting Julian Assange, I don’t think so. Maybe he was and he is no longer. perhaps he was navigating trying to find his way but now he is supporting Julian he is in my good books.

  3. “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

    1. Eric Blair was in the Fabian Society, a pupil of Aldous Huxley’s. He had inside information. He wasn’t a visionary, he was a whistleblower

  4. I have yet to meet a “lazy Greek”, not only are they industrious despite the mess their government’s got them into with the corrupt EU but amongst the friendliest and most welcoming people you can find.

  5. Yanis oozes intelligence, education, common sense, and openness, – something missing from all too many politicians. And as for the interviewer….. phwoarrrr…..

    1. Bubba Ole alas… he elevated himself as a “prophet after the happenings”.

      He is an outdated leftish, only recently he was saying we have no right to stop the immigrants and wanted to open the borders for them to pass to Europe.

    1. Dafuq are you people on about, Greece was a experiment gone bad, bad decisions, there could be other way then Troika, Troika was a group of people who had the control of entire countries. My own country was affected by it, but now we are on the Euro and the EU, leaving would be worse.
      Yes the EU has its problems, yes they EU has gone in some ways i dont agree, it needs a reform. But our little countries are nothing today, together the EU we are the 2nd biggest economy in the world, you think facing countries with a population of 1B like China can be done with countries with a population of 80 M? Hell no, even the “great” Germany is small in the world stage compared to countries like the USA and China, the world has changed, the days of the British, portuguese, spanish, french, dutch etc empires are over.

      The EU needs a reform, but its a thing needed in the world stage. And btw, why no one blames Merkell? She was the one who allowed this to happen, her and her German finance ministers, even Obama talked trash what they were doing on Greece.
      The EU needs a reform, there is nothing wrong with being patriotic, its good. But lets not get to ahead of itself, nothing in the world is perfect, or you people think people in the USA and China they are 100% hapy with their goverments? No. Yanis Varoufakis himself says he wasnt in favour of Greece leaving. The EU isnt perfect, has huge provblems needs a reform, specially after this Corona thing is over, but going back would be worse.

    2. @Your Senpai Your comment is excellent. You may be right. If the EU is broken up, it might destabilize the world, really good reform may be better.

    3. This comment is a crime against logic. It’s like demolishing your entire house because the roof is leaking. Democratize the EU, not destroy it. Next what, there are corrupt people in your country so destroy the country?

    4. @Amfear Liathmor To demand destruction of the whole EU as a response to the absence of minutes is rather an extreme response, isn’t it ? What about demanding / imposing minutes ? Wouldn’t that be the more reasonable solution to this problem ? Destruction is blind. Rather we should fundamentally modify the way the EU functions (making it more democratic and transparent) or replace it with another form of international cooperation, which requires serious thinking and constructive collaboration instead of simple destruction. Besides, how would you propose to do that, “destroying” the EU ?

  6. Yanis Varoufakis is a lovely human being, I wish him well and hope he gets the luck he needs to succeed. Great show thanks!

  7. I`ve always liked this bloke, very smart indeed. His command of English and his vocabulary is better than many that are English born. He would make a great James Bond villain!

    1. LOL … great suggestion. Shall we dub him ‘Bad Finger’? Deep Voice? Chrome Dome?
      Whatever. He is the real deal.

    1. @andrew curran Really? Maybe if you open your eyes you’ll see that this scumbag and his former “comrades” are the REAL traitors and who the REAL parasites are – and not just in Europe… For starters, just look at what’s REALLY happening in the “united” states of murica and king-CONNED-om…

    2. The problem is not the EU, it is the EURO and the bank. He clearly said that in the video. The concept of EU is great. If it’s current policies of its banks are bad, then change those policies! Democratize it! I don’t understand why everyone fetishizes destroying everything… You don’t destroy your country if the politicians are neoliberal corporate rats- you get rid of those people and policies.

    1. The IMF. International Monetary Fund tricks countries into making improvements that are charged back and the countries have a hard time paying back the interest let alone the principle.
      Politicians are not attorneys that know how to read and understand contracts.

    2. @Eric Osagie Exactly. All these right-wingers take his accurate observations and then twist it horribly to their own bigoted ideology. He would be depressed af reading these comments. Like taking his comments about the corporate and capitalist starnglehold and using it say “immigrants bad” and to support christian nationalism. These people are also commiting crimes against logic.

  8. A very smart and eloquent man. The Greek bailout was not a bailout of the Greeks but a way to prop up failed banks in Germany and France. Paid for by all the taxpayers in Europe… Banks should be able to fail and go bankrupt. The Greeks have been shafted that much is certain.

  9. Yanis is a good man. That’s why his tour in the halls of power was short. He wasn’t qualified. You have to be complete psychopath to get in with those folks.

    1. That’s why Tony blairs doing well since he stoped being the middle East peace envoy HA HA ha sorry had to LAUGH it’s that mad HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    2. To think how different things might be now had he been allowed to restructure those bonds. The destruction of the Euro would have forced the European leadership into facing reality.

  10. No minutes? That is enough of a smoking gun to have them all sacked. How they continue to get away with these back-room deals amazes me. The press are falling down on the job or they are being bought off. The should be asking awkward questions.

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