Yanis Varoufakis: ‘Nobody negotiates with the EU’ – BBC Newsnight

Yanis Varoufakis: ‘Nobody negotiates with the EU’ – BBC Newsnight

Theresa May has been in Brussels trying to finalise her Brexit deal.

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But is the prime minister's deal the end of the long journey towards Brexit? Diplomatic Editor, Mark Urban, asks German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier his thoughts on how likely reaching a deal really is and what the prospects of hard Brexit are.

In the studio, former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, and Political Consultant, Nina Schick, discuss the state of negotiations.

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33 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis: ‘Nobody negotiates with the EU’ – BBC Newsnight

  1. “some Scandinavian countries”… there are not so many involved Scandinavian countries you know, just two to be exact: Sweden and Denmark 🙂

    1. @sv 93  Denmark  is culturally, linguistically and politically close to Sweden and Norway hence it is considered as Scandinavian country.

    2. @dannyboywhaa It depends.
      Oxford Dictionaries:
      1 A large peninsula in north-western Europe, occupied by Norway and Sweden. It is bounded by the Arctic Ocean on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and the Baltic Sea on the south and the east.

      1.1 A cultural region consisting of the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and sometimes also of Iceland, Finland, and the Faroe Islands.”

      Nordic Council of Ministers
      / About the Nordic Council of Ministers (www.norden.org):
      “The Nordic Region consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland. “

    3. Gunther H.G. Geick yeah… ok so by those measures – so why isn’t England also considered Scandinavian? We speak a higher German dialect, we haven’t been conquered since the Normans in 1066 etc etc… so why are we not considered Scandinavian? The Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland etc are Scandinavian colonies, effectively? So should not America, Australia, New Zealand be considered British or English countries by the same reckoning? I care little for what the Nordic council says lol – Finland is not Nordic – the people are not Nordic – only the Swedish part of the population (quite large as I understand it)… but the country is not Nordic – that language/culture is completely different etc… it’s semantics and modern interpretations – I argue they’re misguided and not appropriate at all! Cheers

  2. Of course they do. We have picked loads of cherries – and will still have access to the market for goods as well a free trade deal. No freedom of movement too! Lavley.

    1. @Tidbit
      Well that’s the official narrative isn’t it. NATO, the EU and the West are the “good guys” and Putin, Assad, Gaddafi etc are the “bad guys”. I don’t “support” the latter three and I’m sure they aren’t/weren’t nice guys to get on the wrong side of, but has it never occurred to you that the people who control NATO destabilised Libya deliberately? Don’t you think it’s odd that not long before Gaddafi was toppled, the West was welcoming him “into the fold” and Tony Blair went to meet him and kissed him on both cheeks? In a very short time the attitude towards Gaddafi went from “This is a guy we should do business with” to “Oh he’s killing his own people, we have to get rid of him”. I would suggest that the main reason for NATO’s intervention in Libya was that Gaddafi refused to trade in dollars and euros and he wanted to create an Arab/African currency instead.

      There seems to be a kind of arrogance in your statements, on two levels. Firstly, you play the “educated” card and imply that people with university degrees know what’s best for “the uneducated and ignorant” (by which I presume you mean the working class). Secondly, you seem to think the West should be the policeman of planet Earth and export “democracy” to the rest of the world, by force if necessary. Such endeavours rarely end well.

      Re who controls the EU. The people of Europe don’t control the EU. The EU Parliament is more or less a talking shop and has less power than the Scottish Parliament. The main power in the EU is in the unelected EU Commission. When the Syriza party were elected to government in Greece on an anti-austerity ticket, the pro-austerity EU Commission vice-president Jyrki Katainen said “We don’t change our policy according to elections”.

    2. @johnny b The positions you hold and the suspicions you have of the EU and NATO are precisely in line with Russian propaganda and talking points. There have always been those who try to create a counter narrative to everything that goes on int he world, to blame NATO and the west for their ‘interventions’ to call America the “American Empire”; but I am aware of most of these theories, and they just don’t bare out when you do some research and learn the actual historic sequence of events, if you look deeper into these things you will soon find inconsistencies especially around when things happened. And yes, the educated people do, having learned about political systems and historical facts, know what’s best. The working class are the same imbeciles that voted for Brexit because of racial fears that Britain was becoming too “brown”. Which just goes to show how uneducated they are because immigration policies will barely change after Brexit, but it also shows that these people can be manipulated by evil people like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson(especially when Russian intelligence gets involved). And to your last point, the EU Commission is elected by the MEP’s of a country, who are themselves elected directly by the people. Meaning that the members of the Commission had to be first elected as MEP’s, and then re-elected by their national peers as the MEP who would represent their country on the EU Commission. If they didn’t do it that way then each nation would have to have a nation wide election for who should represent them on the EU Commission on top of the MEP elections, and the result might be that you get a majority of MEP’s from say Germany who are conservative politicians, but you end up with someone on the EU Commission, representing Germany that is a liberal; and as you say the EU Commission has the final say over what legislation is passed into law, so you might then have a conflict, kind of like the way the US government is always in gridlock because it is very rare to have one party control the House, the Senate and the Presidency. That would be less democratic in my opinion. Furthermore, the MEP’s who are directly elected by the people write the legislation for the EU, so the EU Commission has zero power to do anything, except act on legislation that is put before them by the legislators(who are directly elected). That is democratic, and if you really went to university you’d know that. You are being ‘gas lighted’, maybe you should try to get your news of the world from some new sources, or at the very least question where you are getting information and who might be behind that info.

    3. @Tidbit
      Russia may be guilty of propaganda, but does that mean the West is telling the truth? Maybe I should do more research. I didn’t get my views directly from Russia though, but from British (and some American) authors/commentators. Admittedly, I have watched the Russia Today (RT) television channel. I know it hardly ever criticises Putin and Russia (for obvious reasons), but its criticisms of Western policy seem pretty reasonable. As one American commentator said of RT, “It may be one-sided but it doesn’t tell lies”.
      But even if you are right about geopolitics, referring to working class people as “imbeciles” isn’t helpful. If anything, comments like that will drive them even further into right-wing populism.

    4. @Kris Edward Say what you want, at the end of the day, you will suffer the consequences of Brexit. Pat yourself on the back as the economy goes into recession, followed possibly by depression, go ahead see if I care? You have set your course, and now your doomed to follow it. Maybe next time you’ll listen to your superiors who are kind, caring, generous, and well educated.

  3. I’m surprised there is a comment section in this video, lol 😂 also oh Emily, I just love how people constantly commenting to me that BBC content is fair and has no bias. How cute💗

  4. Re run of referendum is the whole aim of both the EU (as per Ireland with the Lisbon treaty) and May / remainers.
    And they will win as the fear propaganda machine is in over drive .

    1. @Horus Baals they didnt turn off the money atms,they put a capital control of about ~420 euros per week of money from atm’s.

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