Yanis Varoufakis on China

Yanis Varoufakis on China

Greece’s former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, discusses China’s growing role in Southern Europe and EU politics with Anatole Kaletsky, Co-Chairman of Gavekal Draganomics, David Alandete, Managing Editor of El Pais, and Torsten Riecke, Handelsblatt’s international correspondent.

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74 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis on China

    1. Sword 1 at 6:02 that was a slap down from a different stratosphere. 😂😂 the looks on all 3 of the faces of the others was of pure shame.

    2. @Sword you should listen how he answer an American reporter questioning China help to build infrastructure in Africa, the answer is amazing as this interview.

    1. Handlesblatt sees good news everywhere, remarkably this good news requires no new analysis, and no change. It is proof of the Current perfection. He will be dissappointed and soon.

    1. @Mono genes Indeed, the whole Western civilization actually started from Greece, or you can say Greece is the mother of the Western civilization. Even the term Europa is a Greek goddess. 
      Many people would rather refer Rome as the start of the Western glory, but Roman culture was basically a subsidiary of the Greek culture.

    2. @Елена Белякова This is a place for intelligent debate, if you’re unable to confront his ideas in a sensible way then it’s clearly you who is a malakas.

    1. @Sheesh Neoliberals are not left wing , liberals are not left wing unless you swallowed 100 years of propaganda
      ffs left and right is an economic scale not a social one like americans think !!
      Democrats are as far to the right as republicans are , they both want to “reform” (cut spending) on all welfare programs and want to privatise everything even space !
      and calling the UK leftists is as funny as calling nancy pelosi a leftist , the scands had to do concessions for the working class because of USSR influence in northern and eastern Eu and the pressure they had on them and speaking of canada i honestly dont know how it runs but america wont let a leftist government to exist on their northern border because they would try to End any kind of left to exist so close to them (pssst Cuba!) .
      and yes the right is seen as “evil” because it actually is !! is waging endless wars , cutting basic welfare and suppressing any worker movement evil ?? yes ofc it is !

    2. @Sheesh Just because it has “socialist” in the name doesn’t mean the Nazi party was socialist. Socialism is a means of ending class oppression, nazi Germany had an extreme form of class oppression, it’s as simple as that to understand.

    3. ​@Sheesh “Neo liberal = globalist with social leftism
      “. LOL
      Absolutely NOTHING about liberalism is left wing.
      You have literally no idea what you are talking about, it’s a fucking joke. Left wing means doing what’s best for the median individual for society…. right wing means doing what’s good for elites. That’s the fundamental definition of left vs. right.

  1. As Yanis says the Chinese are focused on their own interest. But as journalist and Africa and China correspondent for New York Times has said, the Chinese will deliver on what is agreed upon, will not interfere or lecture the hos country on its internal politics and will go almost anywhere where they are welcome. Piraeus has become a success despite big challenges and is set to expand in the near future with hotels. Thanks to Chinese investment.

    1. @morpheos111 ……I DID listen to the entire presentation, you pompous cretin! And you are utterly wrong when you claim that every other country behaves the same as China! [name me any other country that produces over 90% of the world’s pirate/fake goods, smartass?!?]

      China has a population of over 1.5 billion people – yet it has contributed virtually nothing [of value] to the world. It’s only ‘claim to fame’ is for stealing everyone else’s ideas, creativity and innovations. [from Range Rover to Apple]. This has cost the genuine manufacturers billions of dollars in lost revenues and hundreds of thousands in workers their jobs.

      My point about ‘verbal agreements’ [which sailed over your thick skull by a million miles] is that we no longer live in feudal times. Whether good or bad. lawyers play a far greater role in the efficacy of business contracts these days – this is a necessity given the levels of corruption and lack of compliance etc. At the end of the day, there has to be some form of legal framework otherwise, we would have anarchy.

      Otherwise, I have heard of countless companies that have been forced to wait literally years to receive payment for their products/services by the Chinese. [I was forced to wait 9 months myself – and was told that I was lucky!] So your stupid suggestion is as inane as it is unworkable.

      Finally – your sentence ”The Chinese are self-serving. But guess what? So are everyone else…” is grammatically incorrect dummy. It should be ‘So IS everyone else’!

      Perhaps it’s you that needs to keep your mouth shut unless you have anything of real value to say. However, I for one won’t hold my breath for that!

    2. @TheSoulTwins china contributed nth in value to the world??? do you know china is the reason for 30% of global eocnomy growth that came along with their rising in pwoer? do you know global inflation rate were massively cushion down by made in china products as the west kept dumping fiat money to the market driving all costs up? Do you know China never drop bomb on any other nations? There are good and bad prospects from any nations, but on overall scale, china has more upside when it comes to trading with them than with the West who always wanted to intervene in regional politics via trading.

    3. @Dasd Da …..ok smartarse…name me ONE invention that the Chinese have given us? [they claim to have ‘invented’ gunpowder and printing – but these were invented in Europe around the same time].

    4. @TheSoulTwins how is gunpowder invention a contribution to mankind anyway, although according to history documented by UN, china did invent gun powder first in the form of fireworks.

      They also invented paper, use of paper money trading system, weaving (largest in the world in terms of market for thousand years when europeans were still using leaves to cover their body while fighting each other like barbarians), compass etc.

      anyway, none of these matters. you are speaking of higher ground to others as you think your kind contributed most to mankind in terms of invention.

      so your kind are excused from the world wars, invasion, global looting etc.

      you are just a populist fool.

    5. @Dasd Da …….Jeez you’re dumb aren’t you! Firstly, I used gunpowder [and printing] as examples as the Chinese regularly claim ‘ownership’ of them. Secondly dickhead – Gunpowder is used for a variety of purposes that are very beneficial to mankind [eg: quarrying, mining, road-building].

  2. Spanish guy: “We’ve seen the rightwing populist movement coming up in Greece, or in Spain, Italy, Portugal… we’ve been safe so far…”
    Yanis: “Soooo far” …
    2018: socialist stronghold in Spain elects a right-wing party…
    This was over a year ago… Yanis understands the entire picture of what’s going on. He was less predicting and more stating the inevitability of a rightward shift when the so-called center-left is not even progressive in its words.

    1. PSOE isn’t socialist (hasn’t been for decades), it’s just another brand of right wing party.
      It’s like Labour in the UK, a disgrace for the working people.

    2. Goreuncle As Tamames have said: PSOE, taking a hundred years of Honor, but spending forty years in vacation. They didn’t fight the Francois regime in the past century, they didn’t fight for a republic in both centuries and sure as hell they aren’t going to put up a fight against the authoritarian right now.

    1. ​@dizzle the mac Natürlich taktiert Varoufakis, er will, daß die Chinesen kommen und in seinem Land investieren. Ich drücke ihm auch die Daumen, daß das klappt aber sie sollten sich keine Illusionen machen, daß die Chinesen das nicht ausnutzen werden, um politischen Einfluss in Griechenland und der EU zu gewinnen.
      Die EU dagegen hat sich ordentlich verrannt in ihrem Bürokratismus. Sie trifft kaum relevante Entscheidungen mehr und handelt nicht verantwortungsbewusst. Es gibt keine Vision mehr, was die EU eigentlich sein will und was nicht. Machen wir es kurz: so lange die EU keine Antwort auf die Sicherung der Außengrenzen hat und ihre Sozialsysteme jedem offen stehen, wird sich dieses Problem verschärfen. Wenn es der EU wichtiger ist, mit ihrem Umverteilungssozialismus kleine Randgruppen zu beglücken (Agrarwirtschaft, Verwaltungsbürokratismus) anstatt in die Zukunft zu investieren (Schulen, Digitalisierung, Infrastruktur), dann sind wir in der EU bald eine Art Museum, in das Chinesen einreisen, um sich zu amüsieren. Außerdem muß das drigend aufhören, daß die EU als Endlager für gescheiterte Polit-Marionetten wie von der Leyern und Mappus angesehen wird. Die Anzahl der semi Kriminellen und unfähigen Witzfiguren (Lagarde, v.d.L. etc.) ist auch erschreckend hoch. Von denen brauchen wir nicht zu erwarten, daß sie Probleme lösen. Siehe Brexit. Sorry aber das war vorhersehbar. Verfolgt doch mal abseits dem Geschimpfe, was die Ursachen sind, hört Nigel Farage zu statt ihn wegzucanceln. Man muß ihm nicht zustimmen aber der Mann adressiert oft die wunden Punkte – zuhören und eigene Lösungen anbieten.
      Wie kommt man da raus? Im großen und ganzen an der Wahlurne. Freiheit und Demokratie lauten die Lösung. Raus aus dem Bürokratismus, freie Märkte, Offenheit für Innovationen. Ein Bildungssystem, in dem diese Werte auch erläutert werden. Das klappt nicht, wenn in unserem Lehrkörper und den journalistischen Einrichtungen immer wieder die alte und tausendmal wiederholte Leier von der sozialen Gerechtigkeit gedroschen wird. So wird die EU immer dysfunktionaler, verschuldet, klein, unfähig, dumm und unbedeutend, bis sie zerbricht. Mit GB ist sie bereits am zerbrechen und die nächsten Kandidaten, die bald keine Lust mehr haben, kristallisieren sich auch schon heraus.

    2. @You Thana Mit meiner Vermutung meinte ich, dass weder Varoufakis noch ich die Chinesen unterschätzen, aber er ein taktisches Spiel mit der EU trieb um seine Position zu stärken, ähnlich wie seine trumpsche Drohung, die Schulden der deutschen Banken nicht zu begleichen. Mittlerweile hab ich meinen Job als Wertpapierler aufgegeben, da ich dieses schädliche Wirtschaftssystem nicht mehr unterstützen möchte, mein Ziel ist es bessere Lebensverhältnisse in unserem Land zu schaffen und nicht weiterhin unseren Planeten zu zerstören..
      Deswegen halte ich persönlich von UKIP oder der Brexit Partei relativ wenig. Sie hätten ihre Stärke an den europaischen Tisch nehmen sollen, um Europa demokratischer & zukunftsorientierter zu gestalten, nun werden leider beide Seiten darunter leiden, die Unter- & Mittelschicht natürlich wie immer überproportional.
      Mir bedeutet unsere Freiheit auch sehr viel, aber dabei sollte die Gerechtigkeit nicht zu kurz kommen! Ich finde es unerträglich, dass in Deutschland Kinder in Armut aufwachsen oder Rentner Flaschen sammeln müssen, da sowas einfach nicht nötig wäre!
      Könnten Sie mir erklären wie Sie darauf kommen, dass wir von so einer Politik profitieren sollten?
      Die Überlastung der Gesundheitsämter und die mangelnde Digitalisierung liegt doch daran, dass man zu wenig Personal hat. Gegen eine Optimierung unserer Bürokratie hätte ich natürlich nichts, aber wie bereits gesagt, macht mir der Rechtspopulismus große Sorge! Es kommt mir so vor als würden viele Menschen in Deutschland nicht verstehen, dass wir bzw unsere Elite vom Eurosystem am meisten profitiert, darum kann ich nicht nachvollziehen wie die AfD als “Partei des kleinen Mannes” einen Euro ausstieg befürworten könnte. Die Deflation hat bereits begonnen und würden wir die EU verlassen, hätte keine Zentralbank mehr eine Möglichkeit diese aufzuhalten (es ist bereits jetzt schon sehr schwer). Dadurch würden viele Leute ihren Job verlieren, die Industrie geschwächt.. nur die oberen 15%, die mehr als 70% des deutschen Vermögens besitzen, würden davon profitieren, da unser Vermögen sich durch die DM vervielfachen würden, natürlich wieder auf Kosten der Mehrheit! Darum fördert der Steuerflüchtling August von Finck auch gerne die AfD..
      wenn unsere Steuern endlich langfristig sinnvoller investiert werden & nicht in Dividenden an unsere Milliardäre ausgeschüttet würden, wäre ich sogar bereit für die Vermögenssteuer, die Top 1% in Deutschland leider nicht!
      Wir sollten uns eher Gedanken machen, wie wir die Politik dazu bringen für die 99% und nicht nur für die Eliten zu arbeiten. Diese Spaltungsnummer ist ein alter Hut, wieder sollen Links gegen Rechts ausgespielt werden, um die deutschen Eliten zu schützen.. als wäre es egal ob unsere Kindeskinder ein lebenswertes Leben haben, dass einzige was zählt sind sofortige fette Gewinne.. wenn es nächstes Jahr wirklich SchwarzGrün geben sollte, wird man weiterhin keine ernstzunehmende Politik machen können, dann auch nur weiterhin teures greenwashing, dann brauch ich wirklich keine Familie mehr gründen. Außerdem stört mich der identity politics Fokus der Linken & Grünen, kein Wunder warum es so nie Mehrheiten geben wird.
      Obwohl ich Christ bin, wird mir langfristig die Situation mit meinem Migrationshintergrund zu gefährlich, keine Lust auf Biedermann und die Brandstifter, dann doch lieber auswandern, wenn die Poltiker weiterhin so versagen & auf amerikanische Verhältnisse hinarbeiten. Schade, dass die Medien kleinere Parteien mit guten Konzepten wie Diem25 oder ÖDP ignorieren, ohne Finanzstärke im Hintergrund, kann man in unserer Demokratie leider wenig erreichen, seit Aristoteles und Platon haben wir diese Problematik nie gelöst… Danke für dieses offene Gespräch, ist in der heutigen Zeit leider selten geworden, wenn man nicht die selben Positionen vertritt.

  3. It’s amazing the amount of knowledge possessed by this man… He is a Greek national treasure, I hope the greeks realize that…

    1. @Rodney Glocks I think you need to look more into that rather than just assuming it’s because Jack Ma helped Europe.
      Jack Ma donated to USA. CCP donated to Europe. Check it out yourself

    2. ah yes because next generation eu is totally not european and totally not a solidarity instrument… sure thing 750 billions are way less important than receiving a few masks from the country where the virus originated due to horrible health standards. you and varoufakis are clowns

  4. The important comment by YV, the Chinese are prepared to bring their engineers and technology to help Greece. Not just throwing money like EU. This shows the willingness by Chinese to work with countries on an equal level. 4:40

    1. You are neither Greek nor even European, surely not a Chinese coz you’re such a low quality!!! So why the hell you care about the two nations having their honeymoon. You’re just a disgusting 3rd party paid to fabricate conflict and misunderstanding. These days when everyone protects their tech, tech rich China is exporting tech to help

    2. You’re limited… Dimitri is right, trust Greek minister whose fundamental duty is to protect interests of Greece, don’t question that. His frustration to EU is except pumping in cash which bears unaffordable interests they failed to offer technology that will transfer Greece. Except discussion about China, did you even listen the politics part which discussed further on the issue within EU, I bet you didn’t because you are another one never care the interests of Greece.

    3. @moreco2pls it’s a big shame for Big 4. Are you on a regulated role, do you know you can’t talk about it. What the project and what jurisdiction it sits. Most of all which Big 4 you worked so I can report you!!!

    4. @Chen Ren Nope. I didn’t name the firm, nor the project. If you truly understand how this works, you wouldn’t have made this stupid statement. Sure, go report me.

  5. Westerner who doesn’t understand or learn chinese history is truly bias. They always assume China is aiming for global dominance. No chinese has long past that irrational thinking. China has been big and strong for most of its history. The amount of political transformation it went through is unmatched by anyone. China has time when they are so strong, they are the number one regional power on earth. But they never aim to be global power. Because China never aim for impossible goal. The global power like mongol or British empire. All failed and lose all territory they once had. But China remain to be a big country. Because Chinese know that what unite people is culture recognition. The force submission of different ideology, is doomed to fail. You can only assimilate people when they share one common ideology. That has been they way of China ever since qin shi huang. The idea of true unification. Therefore when China is unified, they always aim for regional power and stop at there.

    1. @nutsackmania hahaha what a uneducated response. You just express your anger that I can point out your immaturity so easily. Also no both us and uk did not succeed in taking over the world. As for the west. China has dominated the east Asia for the entire ancient history. That ain’t anything special at all.

    2. Anyone who thinks China under the CCP is not expansionist need only look at a map of their sea claims going to near Indonesia (far from China). China even claims land in landlocked countries they don’t share borders with (eg Bhutan). Forget any Western bias, it is not without reason that most of China’s neighbours (eg Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan) don’t trust China/the CCP at all.

    3. @Paper Cat So if the USA has the most boats it is OK for them to grab the sea?!? Not all these places were colonized by the West (eg Thailand never colonized, Taiwan a few small pockets had Dutch/Spanish but the first time the whole island was under one control was under Japanese colonizers.

    4. @naguoning Sea chains? Compare that to the US having military bases all over the world, to box in Iran, Russia, and China. How many countries has China destroyed in imperial conquest, compared to the West?

      The West coups democracies, installs tyrants, arms, trains and funds them, all in the name of corporate hegemony. Sure, China encroaches upon the waters in order to feed over a billion people, which is an act of desperation due to all wildlife populations having declined by >68% since 1970.

  6. The German guy does know the Chinese and Greeks had been doing businesses that were mutual beneficial since Emperor Augustus.

  7. China has every single right to develop just like any other countries in the world. The Western media never tells the truth. the USA is bullying the other countries. actually, china has helped a lot of poor countries with the infrastructures. but the USA is telling people that china is dangerous. that is ironic.

    1. @Rocketman USA bullies other countries are ok. right? what are you? I bet you wawa or lunzi or duzi. I will be shame on myself if I talk creatures like that. 🤮

    2. @Rocketman is a superpower, USA bull south America for many years. Now we can see that Myanmar is a cold war between the USA and China. China does not want rockets nearby the borders. And you know USA always thinking about how to keep the dominion over the other nations.

    3. those infrastructure projects are a form of neo-colonialism. Not really helping poor countries, more like taking advantage of them

    4. We literally accept Refugees from China, i can’t believe you think China is some nice group of people, they don’t even have freedom of speach or information!!! Biggest idiot!!!

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