$1 Street Food In Shanghai

$1 Street Food In Shanghai

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From steamed buns to grilled squid to jianbing, experience these different types of $1 street food in Shanghai – POV style!


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101 thoughts on “$1 Street Food In Shanghai

  1. Meanwhile in my streets a bottle of water is $5
    Edit: I live in America and ya know freakin Trump (dat orange dude)

    1. Well i also live in newyork amd depending on which borough of new york u live in i get my water for a dollar and for a larger size with way more water its 2.50

    1. @Itz_ Starwink HAHAHAHHA sameeee like if we have streetfood it’s the Glacé that costs 12 Fr. In Stadelhofen Zurich at the bellvue hahahah

  2. **me being Muslim and wanting to go to China just for the food**
    Also me: **sees vidoe and realise that in their whole food there’s pork**
    Also also me: Nvm ;-;

    1. There’s also a lot of food without pork. I’m not muslim but I sometimes make the steamed buns with beef (or even vegetarian) instead of pork. There’s also some muslim city states that have more halal foods.

  3. im from Shanghai, and watching this video made me feel sad and miss home, Im here all alone, my family is all in Shanghai right now, and this really brings back memories of when i was little and enjoying life there.

    1. It’s because it’s haram, there is no where in the Quaran or the Bible that says anything about pigs eating trash… The bible says it’s because the pig cannot chew it’s own food (around that) and that’s pretty much the only reason we know, it’s not because they eat trash

    1. Amazing Appleness China is not that bad, it’s people are actually really nice, it’s the media making every think they are bad, the US is just a mess right now

  4. As a Chinese, I’ve had all of these, and let me tell you this:

    *They are so much better than McDonalds and Burger King*

    1. @Fatlind Islami and Americans are the reason covid 19 is still active in infections… did you see China these days? There’s almost no covid 19 cases

    2. I agree with you. I have eaten some of the food there and they are delicious! Anyways I do Japanese home cooking videos. If you are interested check them out

    3. If McDonald’s wants to reach every corner of the world, they should cook chickens more naturally, include steamed vegetables, a plate of rice, and other things made with eggs, etc.

    1. @bebop bruh…there are also people who eat guinea pigs and rabbits and those are pets as well. Also if I’m not wrong, I think Latin Americans are indeed those who eat roasted guinea pigs. Therefore your argument “Chinese are horrible because they eat dongs and cats” isn’t very valid.

    2. People should stop blaming others and try to help instead. Anyways I do Japanese home cooking videos. If you are interested check them out

    1. Bat soup is mostly from Indonesia, Palau, etc. not China. Racism is basically against Asians in general, just the Han-Chinese are the vast majority.

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