5 Lip-Smacking Mediterranean Recipes • Tasty

5 Lip-Smacking Mediterranean Recipes • Tasty

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84 thoughts on “5 Lip-Smacking Mediterranean Recipes • Tasty

  1. I’m from lebanon🇱🇧✌️and actually these rae the most famous dishes in my country♥️it’s very delicious you must try it😋

    1. Shi yali janani, enou kel el Mediterranean kelou maa leayou Ila all Lebanon, lek w el Maghreb el 3arabi WL couscous!

    2. Hleyhel nagham but that’s not how Fatoush, Hummus and falafel are made in the Mediterranean. They fucked up all the recipes. L3ama b2albon shu 7amir.

  2. You have to add tahini paste for an authentic hummus and THAT IS SO NOT HOW YOU MAKE FALAFEL!!!

    I’ve got no measurements sorted out as my grandma does this to sight and taste later on but here are the ingredients:
    For Falafel:
    – Chickpeas
    – Dried coriander
    – Powdered Cumin
    – Powdered Cayenne Pepper
    – Salt & Pepper
    – Chopped Onion & Garlic (Optional, not usually added)
    – Fava beans (optional)

    Condiments for the sandwich:
    – Flatbread
    – Tomatoes
    – Parsley

    For Yogurt-Tahini paste:
    – Yogurt
    – Tahini Paste (can be found in any Arab-delights importing store)
    – Lemon
    – Garlic clove (if desirable)

    1. Soak the chickpeas in water overnight
    2. Peel the chickpeas and put them in a mixer
    3. Add the dried coriander, cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper to the mixture until it’s smooth
    4. Place the mixture in a bowl and cover it. Let it rest for half an hour
    5. Crumble the falafel mixture into small balls and fry them for a couple of minutes in fryer/pot/deep pan full of vegetable oil
    6. Prep the yogurt-tahini sauce that you drizzle over the falafel by:
    a. grinding a garlic clove
    b. add tahini paste and a bit of water
    c. Finely mix them together until ingredients are incorporated and then add a bit of yogurt
    d. Add salt and pepper to taste

    7. Place the falafel on the flatbread and add tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, minced parsley and drizzle the tahini-yogurt paste (you can add hot sauce/paste if you wish).

    And that’s it! Sahtein (bon appetit)

    1. 1) Hummus or chickpeas or garbanzo beans is a pulse. Therefore anything and any recipe which has hummus in it as a main ingredient can be called hummus; like hummus with tahini, hummus balila, hummus stew with meat, roasted hummus (kadami) etc… Since the main ingredient in their recipe is hummus they have perfect right to call it hummus. They never said: “Classical Lebanese Hummus bi Tahini”.
      2) Tahini is ground sesame seeds to which a bit of oil is added to make it a paste. so basically all it is, is sesame oil with the sesame roughage still in it. So filtered sesame oil in this recipe was added since the pasty texture was going to come from the hummus itself. I believe that you should have been thankful and happy to learn a culinary substitute which you may or may not like without acting so insulted and overly knowledgeable.
      3) There are many different falafel recipes which vary from Lebanon to Syria to Egypt to Turkey, etc… They are all Authentic and all classical and all Mediterranean recipes. Your recipe is a good one. However, why didn’t you try this recipe and give us you opinion on how it came out and how it tasted which would have been useful and beneficial to some people.
      I guess you’re one of those people who can”t resist showing off.

    2. @Sandra Hito Bread crumbs are basically flour and water which have been baked. when processed in a grinder or food processor they become a powder which has the same binding properties as flour. since flour in the falafel mix does not add anything to the taste but is solely used to bind the mix and make it less wet so it can be formed into balls which hold their shape during frying, it is PERFECTLY fine to use processed bread crumbs instead of flour.

    1. @Darkstar44 1.) I made a general comment questioning that “authentic hummus” is made with Tahini. Because this is a comment section.
      2.) I don’t know where you shop at where Tahini is expensive but where I live you can get a decent har for around $10.
      3.) I have no clue what/where this new Greek or Lebanese restaurant is opening up at here in New Orleans. Or where a restaurant even popped up in your mind for people to try.
      4.) So please next time don’t take a comment so seriously.
      Have a great day.

    2. Ronald Ruiz Jr try not to be so butt hurt about someone responding to your comment because obviously you missed the point. Try some reading comprehension and stop responding with emotions.

    3. Majdah _Shaiba in some areas its expensive. I’ve seen it as high as $14. If you are a new cook or are reluctant to trying new things the price could put some people off.

    1. Habeebi !ya احؤاب that is not how you make حمص (hummus) ok from where did you get the food brocesser we use جلخ ok we grind it . ok you stubid look you will not even sell Wahid bowl of hummus wallahi oh my god 😀😀😀

  3. Oof yes, I haven’t had authentic Mediterranean food in like a year. Oof. I’m going to Turkey this summer to see my fam. I’m about to gain like 50 pounds

    1. Nori zyx but there are actual Arabs there and that was so long ago anyway the culture is all similar now they speak same language and everything

  4. I grew up in a Lebanese family… my mom used to make these all the time and trust me that is not how falafel is suppose to be, or hummus, or fattouch

    1. they’re mediterranean dishes, i’m lebanese and i know that mediterranean dishes come from all countries surrounding the mediterranean sea. like obviously i don’t know how close minded ppl are these days it’s just common sense and facts

    1. Hozaifa I think it’s an original, definitely inspired by middle-eastern music but it’s a remix . I know a few like this but a bit traditional

    2. @maha saud I know this is old, but could you tell us some of the things you think is similar to this?
      I’m interested in such this kind of hybrid of genres, and Arabic inspired soundtracks.

    1. @The Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Effect Ok, then you trying making halwa (halvah) with sesame oil instead of tahina, good luck to you.

  5. I think you guys should rename the title as “Mediterranean *inspired* recipes​” and also add “inspired” next time you post any regional recipes otherwise people will keep getting​ offended and complain.

    1. @Sarah Ibrahmi sarah not hate but the reason were offended is we don’t want someone going of cooking these thinking they are falafel because they didn’t cook it right

    2. @M _ i know all im saying is to be honest its not the end of the world and if we find small things like these offensive then everyone will be really easily offended about everything. at the end of the day its only falafel and not a big deal

  6. Yes, we all know these recipes aren’t very accurate. But some of you guys are saying this is Arab, not Mediterranean. Foods like Falafel existed in the Mediterranean Levant countries like Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine, and also countries like Egypt wayyy before they ever became Arab people.
    So yes, this is MEDITERRANEAN!

    1. Mediterranean means countries such as Greece, Italy, Southern Spain, Malta, Syria, Lebanon, northern Egypt and Palestine! Tell me exactly do these Spanish, Italians and Greek eat Hummus or Falafel despite they are Arab given names?

    2. Levant and Arabs are literally related by haploid and are all considered Semitic historically! The Arabic language is literally the copy and sister of Phoenicians language “Al-abjad”. Yes they were Arab people before Islam! Because Arabs and Levantines understood each other and ruled on over the other!

  7. I ain’t even ‘Mediterranean’ and I know that ain’t what hummus is supposed to look like 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

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