100 thoughts on “9 Essential Egg Recipes

  1. How I cook my eggs: *fry them in a pan*

    How tasty cooks their eggs: *the most complicated thing person who wakes up late could do*

  2. You could say they’re *eggsential* , amirite? That was an *eggcelent* pun I just *cracked* .

    I’m sorry.

    Edit: I’ve come to realise that my yolks are kinda bad. I’m very sorry.

  3. When you only have eggs anf salt in your kitchen ;-;

    I came back after a year. I don’t even remember if i watched this

    1. @Chips Hero im sorry but all i mean is. In that video they use a pretty much anything and i made that comment cuz all i have is egg and salt. Sorry long reply.

  4. ok so I tried making the fluffy eggs, I managed to separate the yolk but I tried to stir the whites the old fashioned why BUT IT FUCKING CREMATED, ASHES TO ASHES GRANDMA

    1. I just like cooking and breakfast is my favorite to cook OvO I usually make something very simple like bacon and eggs with a side of a fruit- 👌

    1. @K10 I know nothing about calories…. We don’t really pay attention to that stuff where I live….. It’s more grams and kilograms…. But here if you eat to much and don’t gain weight then you lucky… Like me…. But if you do gain weight.. that how you know it’s time to work out…

    1. @crazyhazy123 i don’t like bts but i respect them and also being gay isn’t an insult lol stop being homophobic

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