ANABOLIC BROWNIE BITES | High Protein Low Calorie Recipe

ANABOLIC BROWNIE BITES | High Protein Low Calorie Recipe

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57 thoughts on “ANABOLIC BROWNIE BITES | High Protein Low Calorie Recipe

    1. Coach Greg will for sure critique this video and complain that Remington should have frozen the brownies to prevent you from eating them quickly 😀

  1. This guy is transforming into greg while greg out there transforming into the rapper 5ive6ix 😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  2. Lots of people referring to Coach Greg on here and some found Rem through him, for me Rem was the first youtuber I followed and only knew of Greg by watching Rem. I like both guys though, they are both very honest and give lots of great advice.

    1. I don’t even know who Coach Grey is, I just know Remington. I have watched his videos for roughly 6 months. I didn’t even know who Will Tennyson was until a few days ago.

    2. Same here bro. Like people are hating on Rem for mentioning or doing Greg meals but they both will profit off of it. There’s enough time to watch them both.

  3. 497 Calories
    5g Fat
    54g Protein
    59g Carbs

    244g Canned Pumpkin
    50g Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup
    62g Protein Powder
    20g Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
    15g VitaFiber (or any sugar free sweetener)

    Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

    1. Renee Scott Who cares about freaking carbs? As long as you’re in a deficit you’ll still lose weight (assuming that’s your goal).

    2. 59 carbs has to be total carbs, not net carbs.
      I did the low cal deal on weight watchers 20 years ago. I lost a lot of weight including muscle.
      Like a dummy I gained it back.
      Have been doing fasting and intermittent fasting with low carb/keto. I’ve been gaining muscle with strength and feel.much healthier than when I did low cal.. There have even been times when the scale stays the same for 2 to 3 weeks, but I go down a notch on the belt.
      Most diets work if you stick to it. It just depends on your goals and lifestyle.

  4. This dude is becoming my favorite. He was on Mark bells podcast talking about carnivore diet then in a few videos later switched and came back to the “ dark side “ and started eating carbs. He realized carnivore for his life wasn’t sustainable. A guy that is not dogmatic? Refreshing would be the word.

  5. I appreciate that Remington always assumes that we eat the entire batch. I always bump into these videos where _a serving_ is like 300 kcal. Like, who even eats a single brownie, it’s borderline offensive.

    1. @Marcell that is spot on. When I changed my diet to just assume I’m going to eat the entire batch / container / etc, I started making much better choices about the food I was eating. Still eating brownies but the altered versions*

  6. I’ve watched Rem since he had 4000 subscribers and never let you down watching every video. Did I mention I lost 77lbs throughout watching your videos with food ideas keeping me occupied and also keeping me motivated. Cheers man

  7. “If you don’t like pumpkin then I don’t know who you are.” 😂
    I’m really gonna have to try these, make them with my 3 year old instead of regular brownies. Maybe good for him to considering he won’t touch meat.

  8. I love how you ALWAYS break down the macros at the end! A lot of youtubers leave that out and just inform us that it’s healthy lol

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