ANABOLIC CRUNCHRWAP SUPREME | High Protein Bodybuilding Taco Bell Recipe

ANABOLIC CRUNCHRWAP SUPREME | High Protein Bodybuilding Taco Bell Recipe

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66 thoughts on “ANABOLIC CRUNCHRWAP SUPREME | High Protein Bodybuilding Taco Bell Recipe

    1. My grocery store rarely carries fat free, so I almost always go with reduced fat. Still has more than twice as much protein, less sugar than fat free, and tastes better too. One cool thing about Remington’s recipes is that they’re so macro friendly you can easily sub a few less healthy ingredients.

    1. Dude yes! I load up on the “Mission Carb Balance” tortillas whenever possible, but whats weird is they have more fiber than the “Mission High Fiber” tortillas

  1. Oh my gosh . Greg Doucette’s way of eating changed my life . Your recipes give me inspiration to make swaps in my own cultural cuisine .

    1. You seem South Asian, if you are please lmk how you’ve been able to influence your food with the anabolic diet. I’d love to hear it!

    2. @A Mix cauliflower rice with normal rice and season it. I prefer ‘frying’ the cauliflower rice your baking spray of choice, so become hard to tell the difference. As for curry, I think there’s lighter alternatives to thicken, light coconut milk, 0% fat yogurt, or purée some legumes, vegetables or even stuff like xanthum. Just gotta experiment, once you got the calories down just add protein through your usual sources, lean meats or whatever.

      It’s pretty blasphemous to ‘fry’ in baking spray but eh whatever works.

    1. @Nietzcki the difference is the amount of chemicals they pump into taco bell to make it taste so good yet not fill you up, compared to making it yourself.

    2. @tagaj bestoj please stop spreading misinformation and turning people into carbophobes. Carbs do not make you fat. Excess calories make you fat

    1. Yeah I actually added the hot mild sauce to the meat while it cooked maybe a teaspoon with the seasoning, added a little flavor of taco bell for me.

  2. Hey Remington!! I love your videos. I’ve lost over 15 pounds due to your anabolic recipes!! Was just wondering if you can list all of the ingredients after you insert your intro. Just a thought. Thanks for the amazing food ideas!

  3. 112g 96% lean ground beef.
    1g chili powder
    1g paprika
    1g salt.
    1g oregano.
    1g crushed red pepper flakes
    1 200 calorie tortilla
    56g fat free cheddar cheese.
    56g pico de Gallo
    1 baked tostada.
    64g refried beans

  4. I just tried this, jesus I got so full when I was finished. I forgot that Taco Bell had hot sauce at my store too at 0 calories, I used a tbsp of sauce on my meat without the red flakes tbh. Tasted super great

  5. I’ve been making this food it’s incredible tasting, it’s so much easier to get your protein every day no more of the same crap every day

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