ANABOLIC MAC & CHEESE | High Protein Bodybuilding Meal Prep Recipe

ANABOLIC MAC & CHEESE | High Protein Bodybuilding Meal Prep Recipe

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75 thoughts on “ANABOLIC MAC & CHEESE | High Protein Bodybuilding Meal Prep Recipe

  1. Oh Snap, my son is going to love this, all he eats is Mac and Cheese every day, now I can get him on an Anabolic diet, thanks RJ

    1. @xArch wrong. You know how many kids are obese? I agree that yes kids should get enough calories and yes fat is good for a developing child, but mac and cheese has a bunch of saturated fats and if you eat mac and cheese that often it is in no way good for your health.

    2. @NewVawnWhoDIs I’m not saying mac and cheese is a nutrient powerhouse but if you use the right ingredients like raw milk butter and cheese then it can be more nutritionally dense than any vegetable you’ve ever eaten. research the weston a price foundation and read up on their principles.

    3. @xArch yeah except no one is making their mac and cheese with raw milk butter and cheese, and of course its more nutritionally dense than vegetables, vegetables are mostly water…

  2. You should try the Walmart great value brand unsweetened original almond milk! It literally taste EXACTLY like regular milk with none of the almond or sweet flavor! It’s amazing for recipes too because of that 😊

    1. Diet experts quickly running to grab chicen and rice and then brag how hardcore they are and they don’t eat for taste but for fuel…

  3. For the pasta:
    Boil 4 cups of water
    Put in 224g of chickpea pasta and a bit of salt
    Boil for 7-8 minutes
    Filter out the water

    For the sauce:
    160g of vanilla unsweetened almond milk
    84g of fat free cream cheese
    112g of fat free cheddar
    Heat the almond milk til it starts to steam, then put it and stir the cream cheese. Once mixed put it your cheese and mix more.

    Finally, put in your pasta and mix with the sauce. Good toppings for this are salt, pepper, no sugar bbq sauce, or garlic salt.

    1148 cal
    16g fat
    102g protein
    149g carbs
    Please tell me if I made any mistakes

  4. Ingredients:
    224g Chickpea Pasta
    160g Unsweetened Almond Milk
    84g Fat Free Cream Cheese
    112g Fat free Cheddar

    1148 Calories
    16g Fat
    102g Protein
    149g Carbs
    33g Fiber

    1. @x300 In the US it’s primarily displayed on nutrition labels in cups, then in parentheses in metric. The metric system is secondary here. Nutrition labels bear that out.

    2. Pardon my ignorance, but are those macros for the whole recipe or a certain serving size? I see a lot of these breakdowns (which are awesome) but I never know how much to eat. Thanks!

    1. I found one package after standing at my cheese section for 10 minutes…I need to start going to bigger stores to shop besides my local neighborhood Walmart that ain’t got nothing. Walmart supercenter here I come

    2. lol .. im doing a review on this mac n cheese this coming week and fat free cheddar and is definitely hard to come by. Took me to 7 different stores.

    3. I couldn’t find it anywhere in any stores I looked at. But you can find Kraft fat free mozzarella and cheddar on Amazon 😁 that’s where I got mine.

    4. I live in South Africa which has very few alternative food options. We get something called “reduced fat, kilojoule controlled” which, even though the macros arent quite as good as fat free, they’re still really good. Just need something better, not perfect!

  5. Wait, if you wanted your pasta to be softer, wouldn’t you go to 8 minutes rather than 7 since pasta gets softer as it cooks?

  6. For those who are in a cut:
    Do 1/4 of the serving
    Add 6 oz of Chicken tenderloins cut into little pieces
    80 grams of frozen bell peppers and onion mix from Walmart
    80 grams of mushrooms
    60 grams of Walden’s Farm Chipotle Ranch

    Macro breakdown:
    Calories: 450
    Protein: 62.4
    Carbs: 39.5
    Fat: 8.4

  7. Remington: I’m really surprised more people don’t eat fat free cheese

    Me: *goes to every grocery store in my city trying to find fat free cheese” IT DOESN’T EXIST

    1. @231doughboy they have to have it contain I think 23 or 28% milk (fat content) to be produced, not just named. Fda or whoever does the food quality won’t allow it for consumption in Europe without these guidelines. I look high and low for this. I’m lactose but love cheese and I lost so much weight but when I eat even out lowest fat cheese I get poorly and gain weight so fast

  8. “Like a white van with free candy painted on the side you can trust it.” I had to stop the vid cause I literally lol’ed!

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