Coach Greg’s Anabolic Kitchen “French Toast Blueberry Pancakes”

Coach Greg’s Anabolic Kitchen “French Toast Blueberry Pancakes”

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Another recipe from Coach Greg's Anabolic Kitchen. Turning the original Anabolic French Toast recipe into mouth watering Anabolic French Toast Blueberry Pancakes!

4 cups egg whites
8 packets zero calorie sweetener of choice
8 slices bread (any bread)
Cinnamon (optional)
Vanilla Extract (optional)
1 Tbsp xanthan OR guar gum
Blend until smooth. Cook in frying pan immediately or put in the fridge for future use

Makes 2 Ultra GIANT ANABOLIC Pancakes!
650 Calories per Pancake
66g Protein
6g Fat
70g Carbs

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89 thoughts on “Coach Greg’s Anabolic Kitchen “French Toast Blueberry Pancakes”

  1. the 6:26 jump is a technique developed by Greg in med school that allows him to transfers his energy from the floor all the way to his arms through his hips, in order to perfectly flip his pancakes.

    1. Good thing you hit on the concept of energy. It is very embedded in Greg’s sphere of knowledge since we all know that Greg is a physicist as well.

    2. @Aditya Varma You can see his fast determination of the center of mass of the pancake where he places the spatula to apply a a constant torque whose distribution varies symmetrically from the center as to only allow rotation and limit the horizontal displacement. A computation executed while also determining the amount of vertical displacement necessary to allow the pancake enough time to execute its 180 degrees rotation.

  2. 70g carbs per pancake here. my bad. Anyone looking for low carb wouldn’t want these pancakes and this should go without saying – but no need to avoid carbs. Plus, not one worrying about carbs would be looking for a monster pancake this size either. I do not avoid bread while dieting. I quoted 2 bread but really it’s 4 so it be more but it basically impossible to make a pancake that’s big anyway lol

    1. @Jeff hendrix some people are carb sensitive, myself for instance if I’m eating anything other than slow digesting carbs (other than directly after a workout) I tend to pack on body fat quickly! Everyone is different for sure what works for one doesn’t work for another but I wouldn’t say white bread being bad is a myth it’s just got it’s own time and place for some

  3. Pro tip: to clean a blender, just add water and a drop of detergent, put the top back on and blend for 1 minute. Rinse and you’re done!

    1. works only if the stuff you blended was liquidy. if what you blended was THICCC like peanut butter or smth, don’t even try or you’ll be sad.

    1. super late to the party but doesnt normal pancakes use either whipped eggwhites (air) or a leavening agent (baking powder/soda) to add air to flour? i dont think the bread acutally keeps any of the air since well, its blended

    2. @x2lazy2die Even later to the party,

      Most pancakes I’d say are just made from mix, at least in my area. No whipped egg whites unless you’re trying to be fancy.

      As for the bread, it’s just to give structure. It’s still flower but it’s like if you used grated parm vs shredded parm in a sauce. They’re the same thing, but they do different things cause of the form

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