5 Ways To Increase Your Value In The Post-Pandemic Marketplace

Why you should increase your value

You need a competitive edge more than ever in today’s uncertain and overcrowded marketplace.

With the global economy inching towards a recession, organisations are laying off staff faster than you can say the word ‘sack.’ For example, in the UK, there were 600,000 fewer employees on payroll and 342,000 fewer jobs in May than in March. Freelancers are also feeling the pinch as contracts are being cancelled, payments delayed, or even withdrawn.

And the question on most people’s minds is: How do I survive in this economy?

In my 15+ years of experience as an employee and freelancer, I’ve found the key answer:

Create a demand for yourself.

This means that one of the most useful investments you can make is increasing your value to the marketplace.

Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” I’ve found out that success is a natural result of investing in and promoting your value.

Have you been applying for jobs without success? Are you eluded by promotion at work? Think about it for a second: you’re losing out to people who provide more value or are perceived as being more valuable by the organisation.

You earn money based on your value to the marketplace. And if you learn the habit of constantly investing in the value you bring to the marketplace, you’ll thrive in and out of season.

So here are five tips on how to increase your value in the marketplace right now:

Think of yourself as a problem-solver

You’re not paid because of your needs. You’re paid because you can solve an issue a business or customer is facing. The bigger the problems you can solve, the more successful and fulfilled you will become.

This is the thinking behind how I progressed from earning pennies from online surveys to raking in thousands a month as a freelancer.

Why is it important to think this way?

A problem-solver mindset helps you to easily spot opportunities to supply value at work and beyond work.

For example, I received a prestigious endorsement recently from the UK government because of my contributions to IT that have nothing to do with my day job.

Know your strengths and limitations

Extremely effective problem solvers have a powerful awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. We are successful to the degree we know our strengths and weaknesses.

For example, I won’t be caught dead in a role that requires significant time on the phone. Telephone-based roles are my kryptonite. I’d rather be cooped up in one corner with a PC, dead to the rest of the world, and churning out content for days.

I heard of a guy that just resigned from his well-paying job because he wasn’t having enough human contact (insert ‘double-take’ meme). Guess who probably shouldn’t touch remote working jobs with a barge pole in the future?

This shows how some people can chase a paycheck – not their strength and skills – and eventually run themselves down with frustration.

Put into action:

  • Know yourself better. There are various personality tests like the MBTI or Big Five that can help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Constantly challenge yourself. How would you know if you don’t try hard?
  • Practice self-awareness.

Keep educating yourself

There’s always a shortage of talents with the skills organisations need. Someone once said: “The problem often isn’t a lack of employment; the problem is unemployable people.”

Do you know that only the top 2% of applicants are selected for interviews?

Get in the habit of always asking yourself: What skills do I need now to solve relevant issues in my career? When you solve relevant issues, you stay relevant.

For example, due to the pandemic, many organisations are making a lot of operational changes to survive. Change is usually a messy process and change management is a super-hot skill in demand right now. I have friends whose employers are currently fighting to keep because they used this tip.

Put into action:

  • Learn new skills. Certified skills from recognised course providers put you on the radar of potential recruiters.
  • Build expertise.
  • Stay up to date on trends in your industry.

Be super clear about what you bring to the table

increasing your value in the marketplace

Recruiters receive thousands of CVs each day. They often can’t spare more than a passing glance for some CVs. The questions that should always be at the fore of your mind are:

How do I distinguish myself above the noise in the marketplace? How can I be clear about the value I offer?

Clarity shows a candidate’s sense of confidence and ability to potential employers.

Put into action:

  • Format your CV to be clear and concise. A good CV writing service can help.
  • Ensure your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are updated with the same info.
  • Tailor your CV specifically to the roles you’re applying for.
  • Use an Applicant Tracking System to check how your CV measures up to a job description.
  • Ensure the job title on your CV matches the job title on the job you’re applying for.

Work with mentors

I can’t stress how important it is to have a mentor! A mentor is a person that supports your growth and development with practical wisdom, over an extended period. For example, I once had two job offers and my favourite offer paid more, was more in line with my career but required quite some travel. After discussing this with my mentor, I realised I would have to go with the less palatable option. But it’s a decision I’ve never regretted.

Put into action:

  • Look for mentors at your workplace.
  • Look for mentors online (social media, LinkedIn, etc).

I’m pretty sure some of you may know – and are already applying – some of these tips. Others might just be learning about them today. In either case, if you’re not experiencing the level of success you wish to, assess yourself by these tips and see how you measure up.

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Increase Your Peace with This Quick Morning Routine

I have never been much of a morning person. My morning routine used to go something like this:

A beautiful Zen-sounding chime would alert me to the beginning of a new day. Despite all my intentions to use this sacred time to get centered, express gratitude, and connect with my breath, I would always just hit snooze and roll over. I would repeat this pattern several times before finally rising with just enough time to catch the 6 o’clock train and, sadly, no time at all to caffeinate. Unfortunately, I would continue to repeat this pattern five days a week over and over for many years.

before best healthy morning routine

Fast forward several years. Now, my morning routine usually goes a little something like this:

  • I wake up and take a moment or two to breathe in this new day, usually focusing my mind on a simple affirmation (“Today, I will choose joy ,” or “I express gratitude for this new beginning” are some of my favorites).
  • Next, I do a quick and simple yoga practice followed by 10-20 minutes of meditation.

Instead of starting my day frazzled and already counting the hours until I can crawl back into my cozy bed, I wake up feeling grateful and emerged from my morning practice calm, balanced, and ready for the day ahead.

Not only have my mornings been completely transformed, but the benefits continue all day long! For example:

  • I am more energized than ever before, even without my morning coffee (Don’t get me wrong – I still find coffee delightful; I just don’t need it in the way I did before).
  • I also find myself less irritable in situations that used to set me off. Last minute canceled plans or a very tight work deadline no longer cause me to spiral into fear and chaos.

If any of this resonates with you, you may be curious as to how I created this drastic change. Maybe you are already thinking that you know what I am going to say. You must wake up earlier if you want to experience calm, peaceful mornings. Yes, the bad news is that you will have to wake up earlier. But the good news is that it is just five minutes earlier. I recommend taking a couple of minutes to make this go as smoothly as possible:

  1. Make your meditation the absolute first thing that you do every single day!
  2. Simply sit straight up in bed upon waking, set your phone timer for five minutes, and do a very simple breath counting or mantra meditation.

The amazing news is that when you implement this change, you will have already set a positive tone for your day no matter what happens next. I guarantee that if you are consistent about this, you will bring more peace into your life. My hope for you is that you will look forward to waking up to peaceful mornings and bring forth that energy throughout your day.

If you are serious about increasing your peace with this small change to your mornings, read on for some additional tips to help you stay on track:

healthy morning routine

Start small

If you dread waking up, I promise that it will be way more manageable to commit yourself to a five-minute practice than a twenty-minute one. And a few minutes is really all you need to experience the beauty of morning. You can always build up to a longer practice or extend your meditation on days that you think it will serve you. Just remember that your morning meditation is intended to be a joyful opportunity to connect with yourself. Do not make this another chore that you just have to check off your list.

Stay consistent

Even if you spend the majority of your meditation inwardly grumbling about how you wish you were still asleep, I urge you to keep going; simply redirect yourself back to your breath or mantra and please come back the next day. The results will follow!

Be gentle with yourself

Remember that whatever comes up in your morning meditation is okay. Some days, you might emerge feeling perfectly calm and balanced. Other days, you may hear your timer go off and realize you spent your whole meditation planning your day or thinking about a breakfast sandwich. I cannot emphasize this enough: anything that happens in your meditation is okay! Just stay committed to some form of daily morning meditation and accept whatever happens. Taking this simple right action and turning inward at the start of every day will help you show up as a more fully authentic, grounded being when you emerge into the world.

I hope you are inspired to rise and shine on the right side of the bed every morning!

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